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This is a very short and low effort post. More like a „I wanted to note this down and share it“ (given this page has zero viewers besdies myself, the „share“ part is kind of non-existent though).

Since some time now I am reading Dracula, the classic novel by Bram Stoker. Though I am reading it in small pieces. This is because I get the book it bit sized pieces as part of a newsletter via email. You see, the story of Dracula is made of of letters, clippings, etc. things with dates on them (like May 3rd, August 5th, etc.). The folks/person ‚arrow‚ over at Substack have utilized this and created Dracula Daily which, after you signup, will send you the story piece by piece on the appropriate date. I find it a quite nice way of telling the story and I have found myself looking forward to the new chapters. The whole thing takes place between May 3rd and November 10 (every year). If you join late, you can still read up the episodes from before on their website.

They do also host other authors in case Dracula is not enough reading material for you. There is e.g. „Pride and Prejudice Weekly“ and „Letters from Watson“. It is free, so why not give it a try.

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